Stay In The U.S. To Get Dental Work Done - Here's Why

Over the last few years, there’s been an increasing trend of U.S. citizens flying to foreign countries for their dental work.

One of the main reasons they do it concerns finances: dental care in Mexico, Costa Rica, or other countries is much cheaper than here at home. People who require extensive dental care and don’t have insurance may look at quite the large bill if they get their procedures done in the United States.

However, before you book your flight to visit a dentist in a foreign country, check out these three reasons why you should consider getting dental work done at home instead:

1. Other Nations May Not Have the Same Quality Standards

A huge reason why dental work in the US is more expensive is simple: the quality of the work done here is better, as the country itself imposes stricter rules and guidelines for operations.

Other nations may not offer the same level of quality. This can mean you will get your initial procedure done cheaper, but it could only last a fraction of the time it would have if a US dentist handled your care. 

2. No Proper Maintenance and After Care

Going to the dentist is not just a one-time activity. For a healthy smile, you will need to see the dentist routinely, which is not exactly possible with dental tourism unless you’re willing to travel all the time just for a dental appointment.

But, some dental procedures may require a bit more supervision, which is another reason why it’s best to get them at home. For example, if you get a dental implant, you’re looking at a 6-month healing period, during which it’s best to have easy access to the dentist in case something goes wrong.

3. You Don’t Know Who’s Performing the Procedures

You need to be very careful as to how you select the clinic. Unfortunately, because dental tourism is on the rise, many “tourist traps” have appeared out of the blue, promising great services at very cheap rates. Oftentimes, these clinics perform low-quality work that may even lead to additional dental complications for the patient.

In general, it’s difficult to thoroughly research a foreign clinic or dentist. While the practice may have an English website, know that it is specifically designed for dental tourists. Finding testimonials or patient reviews may be difficult because of the language barrier.

Don’t Take the Risk - See a Local Dentist

Dental tourism is cheaper in many cases, but it’s also extremely risky. That small price tag may cost you a lot more down the line if the dental work is low quality.

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